About Us

Covid19jobs.io was inspired by our UK Managing Director John JB Russell when his father David Russell, 84, died Tuesday, 31st March 2020 after falling ill with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

David leaves Anne, his wife of 56 years; five daughters and son John along with eleven grandchildren and many nieces, nephews, godchildren and close lifelong friends.

John kindly shared some information about his Dad to help with the backstory of why we at Staffing Future were inspired to create Covid19jobs.io to help stop the pandemic and deaths from Covid-19

Born and raised in near Manchester, England, David studied at Trinity College, Oxford University where he gained first-class honors.  He met his beloved wife Anne at Wilmslow Rugby Club where he was Captain after she was admiring his legs from the sideline whilst playing in a match. John’s Mum, (nee Ramage) even quipped, “and I don’t even have to change my initials.” Dad then joined Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and rose through the ranks over the next thirty years. Starting out as a sales representative and being a multi-linguist, he progressed to become Managing Director, ICI, France in 1985 and then CEO, ICI Spain,  

David had a passion for supporting those less able and less fortunate, serving with the HRH Prince’s Trust as a mentor for many years and working on tribunals all over the North West of England, He joined a Manchester-based charity The Boys and Girls Welfare Society which became the Together Trust and was on the Board of Directors for 10 years. He dedicated his time and skills free of charge, transforming the charity and spearheaded the development and building of an autistic school that carried his name.

The family mottos of “clarior hinc honos” (Brighter hence the honor) and Que Sera Sera (what will be will be) never seemed more apt in describing David’s approach to life. With the text from “Desiderata” guiding his children’s lives, David was a much-loved father, truly a great friend and an inspiration to many. A kind and honorable gentleman, David cherished friends and celebrated the twists and turns of life. He will be sorely missed and we hope the Covid19jobs.io initiative serves a higher purpose than matching jobs with people. As the poem Death is Nothing At All by Henry Scott Holland to be read at his funeral states “Whatever we were to each other, that we still are” 

We hope you are inspired by this and our actions to help in your community, contribute to our society and help change many lives by your actions.